Caliente is a true story of escape, love and trouble.

Lots of trouble.


Chris Hilton is middle aged, broke, and stuck in a rut.

That’s the easy part. He is also in love with a woman twenty years his junior who lives 5,000 miles away on the Caribbean Isle of Cuba. He places this ad in Private Eye magazine in March 2000 requesting advice and receives a reply from Paul, resident of a local prison, currently serving two years for fraud.

Paul offers some helpful guidance. Six months later Hilton boards a Cubana flight, direct to Havana. Life will never be the same again.

Chris leaves England with £100,000 in a black attaché case and a similar amount in an off-shore bank account.  Paul plans to follow soon after his release; they intend to start a travel business together in Cuba.


Yamilia waits in Havana.  She is astonishingly beautiful and of volatile temperament. Her enemies, and even some of her friends, think she is unstable, even dangerous.

José, Hilton’s closest friend in Havana, agrees,

‘She is a bad woman.  Do not stay with her,’

he pleads.

Hilton disagrees; he’s in love, he doesn’t see her that way – Yamilia is honest, a force of nature.  Like a hurricane.  He will create a new life with her in Cuba.

What could possibly go wrong?

Caliente Cover

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