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102-002She left Spain to escape from a domineering family. A new job in London gives her the opportunity to start again: the start of something fresh and exciting or has she just swapped one dysfunctional family for another? A self-obsessed mother, a quiet, flirty husband and a very forward thinking daughter – and a lot of time to herself.

What lies in store for her? How will she cope?

Will it be heaven or hell?

The New Maid: a story of change, new prospects and a kind of redemption.

“…a tale of a maid working for a stereotypical, high class, dysfunctional family. It empathises with the maid as she gets all caught up in the politics of the family. But there is only so much a maid can take…”

Available free through KDP from Decemeber 14th through to Decemebr 19th.

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“a short story which manages to capture so much.”


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